New coach McCarthy wants more discipline from Favre

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Despite throwing a career-worst 29
interceptions last season, Brett Favre doesn't plan to scale back
his aggressive style and doesn't really care if people don't agree
with him.

New coach Mike McCarthy might have a different take, especially
after watching film of Favre's five interceptions in practice on

"You have to stay away from interceptions that are bad
decisions," McCarthy said Tuesday. "And he saw something on two
or three of them, you have to pull back. Brett's personality is to
push forward. That's the ability to play quarterback. Sometimes you
have to pull back and take the checkdown instead of throwing the
ball through that keyhole, which obviously he's capable of doing.
That's just a discipline within himself."

McCarthy wasn't pleased when Favre threw a ball up for grabs
down the middle of the field.

"Late down the middle is a mortal sin in quarterback play,"
McCarthy said. "It's been stressed since I've been coaching the
position and it's obviously something all the quarterbacks are
aware of."

Favre was fairly sharp in Tuesday night's practice, but threw an
interception during a two-minute drill. McCarthy said Favre made
the "correct throw" on the play.

Backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers said throwing interceptions in
practice isn't necessarily a big deal, especially with young
receivers facing veteran cornerbacks early in training camp.

"Just because a quarterback throws an interception doesn't mean
it's a bad practice," Rodgers said.

Favre participated in both practices Tuesday, sustaining a minor
leg injury at the end of the night practice.

"He just got banged in the back of his leg," McCarthy said.

McCarthy said Favre will practice Wednesday, but he will rest
Favre periodically during training camp to control soreness in his
ankle and keep his arm fresh.