Saints' McPherson hurt after run-in with Titans mascot

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. -- Jeff Fisher tried to talk to New
Orleans coach Sean Payton on Sunday about the Saints player hurt by
a golf cart recklessly driven by Tennessee's mascot, T-Rac. The
Titans coach also expects to hear from the NFL on the issue as

T-Rac was heading off the field on a golf cart at the end of
halftime Saturday night when he collided with Saints backup
quarterback Adrian McPherson, bruising his knee and knocking him
out of the game.

"We'll do our best to keep you informed as we move through the
issue," Fisher said. "I just hope the player [was] not seriously
hurt and doesn't miss any practice time. Beyond that, we'll take a
hard look at what we're doing. We'll make some adjustments and move

McPherson had played on the second kickoff team in the first
half and wasn't slated to play at quarterback, trailing
Jamie Martin and Todd Bouman on the depth chart.

T-Rac, a raccoon named after Tennessee's official wild animal,
is a five-time Pro Bowler who has a variety of motorized vehicles
used for entertainment.

Fisher said he did not learn of the incident until after the
game. He called it a very unfortunate accident. He missed talking
with Payton for an update on McPherson because the Saints coach was
in a meeting when Fisher called.

It definitely marked the first time Fisher ever had to take time
out to talk about the team's mascot.

"This is the first question I've ever taken," Fisher said.