Man faces second charge of impersonating Steelers

PITTSBURGH -- A man charged with impersonating Steelers
quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to get dates was accused of stealing
$3,200 from a different woman by telling her he was another player
on the team, tight end Jerame Tuman.

Brian Jackson was charged with theft by deception for borrowing
the money and not repaying it. The woman lent the money to the
32-year-old Jackson because she believed he was Tuman, District
Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. said.

Last year, Jackson was charged with impersonating Roethlisberger
and his then-backup, Brian St. Pierre, to meet and date women.
Jackson was ordered to undergo psychological counseling and
sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to a reduced
charge of disorderly conduct.

When the woman learned Tuman was not the man she knew, a team
official helped her find a news article about Jackson -- and she
recognized him as the man she had dated, authorities said.

Jackson faces a felony charge that is punishable by up to seven
years in prison.

Investigators gave the following account in a criminal

The woman said she met Jackson in March and that he introduced
himself as Tuman. Over the next four weeks, Jackson borrowed money
after telling her various tales.

The woman said she lent Jackson $200 after he told her he
misplaced his wallet and needed some quick cash so he could
accompany some Steelers teammates to a West Virginia race track and

In early April, Jackson told the woman that his ex-wife or
girlfriend had frozen his bank accounts in a child-support dispute.
When she offered to write him a check, he asked for cash and got

Later that month, Jackson told the woman that he wanted to
"treat'' himself to new rims for his truck. The woman said she
lent him money after Jackson told her he could not use his credit
card because it could be used against him in the supposed
child-support dispute.