Jags to make Cowboys wear dark jerseys in opener

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For the second consecutive season,
Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio will try to use Jacksonville's heat and
humidity to his advantage in the home opener.

Del Rio said Monday he will make the Dallas Cowboys wear their
blue home jerseys on the road Sunday, hoping the dark shirts will
cause more sweat for players unaccustomed to dealing with the
sweltering Florida sun.

"I just like Dallas' dark jerseys," Del Rio said
sarcastically. "I like those white helmets they wear with those
dark jerseys. I think they're pretty classy. We'll let them wear
them here."

All three Florida teams -- Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Miami --
typically wear white jerseys at home during the first month of the
season and make opponents wear dark jerseys.

When Del Rio took over in Jacksonville in 2003, he had Buffalo
wear dark jerseys for the home opener. But the Bills hammered
Jacksonville 38-17, and Del Rio didn't force the jersey swap the
following year. He went back to it last season against Seattle, and
although temperatures were relatively mild, the Jaguars won 26-14.

Del Rio believes the jerseys can make a difference.

"It can if it's a scorcher," he said. "If it's really hot I
guess it could. But I think the jersey thing is a little overdone.
The team that plays well is not going to feel the heat. If you're
not playing well, it's going to be hot as hell. I don't put a lot
of credence into it. You make a decision and do what you feel
comfortable with and go."

The NFL allows home teams to choose their jerseys, either white
or dark, and the road teams must wear the opposite color.