Browns' Crennel tells Winslow who's calling the shots

Kellen Winslow walked into the locker room, snaked through some
TV cameras and kicked off his sneakers. Snatching a pair of
headphones from a shelf, he left moments later listening to loud

No interviews, thank you. Winslow was quiet on Wednesday, a
welcomed calm for the struggling Browns.

At least Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennel fixed one thing.

Crennel said he met with Winslow, who told him "he thought he
made a mistake" for going to the media on Monday to publicly
criticize Cleveland's coaches for not playing him during key
third-down situations and for being too conservative.

"Some of the coaches might be holding us back a little bit,"
the tempestuous tight end said. "... We're losing, and I'm not on
the field. I just don't get it."

Not surprisingly, the critique didn't sit well with Crennel.

"I'm the head coach and I'm the guy who calls the shots,"
Crennel said. "If he has displeasure with the shots that are being
called, he should address them to me first. I'm calling the

There's no doubt Crennel made it clear during his meeting with
Winslow who is the boss. And for now, it appears the former
first-round pick who has played just four games in three years
because of leg injuries, has gotten the message.

During his brief stay in the locker room, Winslow was asked if
everything was cool between him and Crennel.

"I'm not talking," he said. "Thanks, though."