Transcript of Owens publicist's call to 911

DALLAS -- A transcript of the 41-second call from Terrell Owens' publicist Kim Etheredge to 911 on Tuesday night:

Kim Etheredge: "Hi, I have an emergency please."

911 operator: "You need the police out there?"

Etheredge: "I need an ambulance please."

911 operator: "Let me give you the paramedics."

Etheredge: "Thank you."

911 operator: "Stay on the line."

Paramedic: (Garbled) "Dallas Fire."

Etheredge: "Hi. Hi I need an ambulance please, immediately."

Paramedic: "OK. What's your address?"

Etheredge: (gives address, crying)

Paramedic: "What's wrong?"

Etheredge: "I think he took too many pills. Please. Now. (Garbled) What do I do if the pills are down the throat?"

Paramedic: "OK. What's your phone number? We are already on the
way now, ma'am. What's your phone number?"

Etheredge: "Oh God!"

Paramedic: "What's your phone number?"

Etheredge: (Deleted)

Paramedic: "Is that 214?"

Etheredge: "Yes."

Paramedic: "OK. Is he still breathing?"

Etheredge: "Yes."

Paramedic: "OK, we're on the way there, ma'am."

Etheredge: "Thank you. Thank you."