Haynesworth expects punishment for stomping Gurode

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was ejected early in the third quarter Sunday after he kicked Dallas center Andre Gurode in the face. Now the tackle expects to be punished, and knows he deserves it.

"I apologize to Andre," Haynesworth said. "What I did was disgusting. It's something that should never happen. I mean, I'm not a dirty player. I don't play dirty. I have respect for the game. What I feel like is I disgraced the game, disgraced my team and disgraced my last name."

Julius Jones had just scored on a 5-yard run, putting Dallas up 20-6 in what wound up as a 45-14 victory. Gurode's helmet came off, and Haynesworth, standing over him, used his right foot to kick Gurode in the head.

Gurode said they hadn't been talking or having any exchanges that led to Haynesworth kicking him twice. He received stitches above his forehead and beneath his eye.

"In all my years of football, this has never happened to me. I've never been kicked in the face like this, and I've never seen anybody kick nobody else in the face," Gurode said.

A flag was thrown, and Haynesworth followed an official toward the Titans' sideline, protesting.

Haynesworth pulled off his helmet and slammed it to the ground, prompting another flag. Referee Jerome Boger disqualified Haynesworth, and the player walked off the field after talking briefly with Titans coach Jeff Fisher.

The coach called Haynesworth's actions unacceptable and promised he would be punished by the Titans even if the NFL disciplines him.

"It's ridiculous to get to that point. Two back-to-back penalties like that, there's no place for it," Fisher said.

Gurode didn't play the rest of the second half.

"This vision was kind of blurry in my left eye," he said. "If it was clear, I would have tried to come back in to play."

Information from ESPN.com's John Clayton and The Associated Press was used in this report.