Dungy says he's coming back to defend the title

INDIANAPOLIS -- Tony Dungy is coming back for another season
with the Super Bowl champs.

Tony Dungy Dungy

Dungy made it clear Monday that he will return to the
Indianapolis Colts sideline, quashing any talk that he might step
down after becoming the first black coach to win a Super Bowl ring.

"Obviously, you want to come back. You want to defend the
title. We've got such a great group of guys, that that's eventually
what draws you back every year," Dungy said in advance of the NFL
Scouting Combine. "I wouldn't say it was an easy decision, but it
was the right one, and it didn't take overly long to make."

While there had been speculation concerning Dungy's return for
the 2007 season, the suspense didn't trouble team president Bill

"I wasn't terribly concerned," he said.

And with that out of the way, the Colts can focus on next

The Colts' first NFL championship since the franchise moved from
Baltimore 23 years ago also gave them the last pick -- 32nd -- in the
draft in April, meaning there's little time to decide where to
focus direction.

"We know we have to get back to work," Dungy said. "I still
haven't come down yet. I'm a pretty even-keel guy, but it's still a
special time. It's been great, it's been fun, but we have to zero
in on the 2007 season."

The first step will be the annual Scouting Combine that begins
Thursday in the Colts' home stadium. They already addressed free
agency in a big way Monday.

Polian put the franchise tag on defensive end Dwight Freeney,
keeping him with the Colts one more year while they work on a
long-term contract.

Now they will look at other available players.

"You have your wish list," Dungy said. "You know if you get
Item A, you may not be able to get Item B, C or D. It's just a
tough road to navigate. As a coach, you want everybody back, but
you know that's not going to happen."