Winslow's surgery more involved than first believed

CLEVELAND -- Kellen Winslow has to make another comeback.

The Browns' talented tight end underwent microfracture surgery
on his right knee last month, a more extensive procedure than was
initially revealed and one that will require a longer recovery.

Winslow, who tied a team record for receptions last season
despite missing nearly two seasons with injuries and being slowed
by a bad knee, remains on crutches following the Jan. 30 operation
to remove scar tissue and repair cartilage.

Microfracture surgery involves drilling holes into bone in the
knee to promote blood flow and form scar tissue, which replaces any
damaged cartilage. Typically, patients need four months of rehab
following the procedure.

Winslow said he elected to have the delicate surgery to
alleviate pain in his knee, which he first injured crashing his
motorcycle almost two years ago.

"It was really up to me," Winslow said Thursday in a phone
interview with the Associated Press. "I just wanted my knee to be
as pain-free as possible. I know my body and I know what I can

Winslow said the prognosis is a four-month recovery but that
he's already ahead of schedule with his rehab. He expects to be
fully recovered by June.

The Browns didn't reveal the extent of Winslow's surgery until
Thursday. In a statement following Winslow's most recent operation,
the Browns didn't mention the microfracture procedure, indicating
only that the 23-year-old had surgery to "remove scar tissue and
repair some cartilage damage."

Winslow's microfracture surgery, first reported by the Akron
Beacon Journal, was confirmed by the club on Thursday.

Earlier this week, general manager Phil Savage said he expected
Winslow to make a full recovery and be back on the field in June or
July. Savage did not mention any specifics about Winslow's
microfracture surgery.

"So far I'm making good progress," Winslow said.

Winslow's career has been slowed by serious injuries.

He initially tore a ligament in his right knee when he crashed
his motorcycle doing tricks in a parking lot near his home in May
of 2005. Later, he came down with a staph infection in the knee
that had to be cleaned out and delayed his recovery.

Winslow's rookie season was cut short after two games when the
former first-round pick broke his right leg trying to recover an
onside kick in Dallas.

Although he played in pain and on a weakened knee last season,
Winslow still had 89 receptions, tying Hall of Famer Ozzie
Newsome's club record.

The Browns, who have been ravaged by injuries in recent years,
are counting on Winslow to be a major factor on offense next season
and beyond.