Best organizations in the NFL?

1. New England Patriots: The Patriots are an outstanding organization and that's because everything starts at the top. The quality of the players and the coaching staff and the professionalism of all the people in the organization are a result of what owner Robert Kraft does and how he handles the organization.

2. Denver Broncos: Another strong, smart owner and again the result is a strong franchise.

3. Dallas Cowboys: Even though he has taken some chances that I might not take as an owner, Jerry Jones does a great job. He wants his team to be the greatest every year and he'll do what he thinks it takes to make that happen.

4. Indianapolis Colts: This isn't just about winning this past Super Bowl. This is about sticking with a great coach when a lot of other organizations would have gone in a different direction.

5. Baltimore Ravens: Brian Billick has been here for a while and has a lot of control over his team's decisions, and his partnership with general manager Ozzie Newsome has produced a pretty consistent playoff contender.