Randall Cunningham: Following his faith

Throughout the offseason, we'll catch up with former NFL players and coaches to find out what they have been up to since leaving the game.

Few players brought more excitement to the game. Now Randall Cunningham is seeking to bring hope to others. After spending 16 pro seasons helping redefine the quarterback position, he is putting his leadership skills to an even greater test.

Since calling it quits following the 2001 season, Cunningham briefly dabbled in the music business, opening a recording studio and even producing a musical group called Set Free. But the man who was chosen NFL MVP in 1990 soon decided to embark on a different mission.

In 2004, Cunningham, a born-again Christian, was ordained a Protestant minister. He is currently a senior pastor at Remnant Ministries in Las Vegas, a multicultural, nondenominational recording church located in a building called The Cupbearer.

"It was something God called me to do," said Cunningham, who quarterbacked the Eagles, Vikings, Cowboys and Ravens. "I was told when I was a kid, but I wasn't really trying to listen back then."

With a congregation of 400-500 people after just three years, Remnant is one of the fastest-growing churches in Las Vegas, and specializes in worship and praise. In addition to Sunday church services, the facility also plays host to live concerts and includes a state-of-the-art recording facility for Christian groups who wish to record music.

But the four-time Pro Bowl selection, who retired as the NFL's all-time leader in rushing yards (4,928) and carries (775) for the quarterback position, has not completely forgotten his athletic past. He coaches track and field, specifically the high jump and long jump, at the Calvin Christian Fellowship High School.

"If I hadn't received a scholarship in football, I would have received it in track," said Cunningham, who starred in football collegiately at UNLV. "It is actually my favorite sport."

With the rest of his time devoted to wife Felicity and their three children -- Randall II, Vashti and Grace (another baby is on the way) -- Cunningham is truly at peace with himself.
After making believers out of fans with his exploits on the football field, he is using words to reach a different audience.