Who's the most overrated player in the league?

Our experts sound off on the most underrated and overrated players in the league and more:

1. Who is the most overrated player in the league?

Mark Schlereth: The Cowboys' Roy Williams is an unbelievable run support guy, but he misses tackles too often because he's trying to get the big hit. From a coverage standpoint, he just doesn't have great coverage savvy or skills. He keeps trying to make big hits and gets lost in coverage schemes, and his team suffers because of his mistakes. But because of the big hits that make it onto highlight shows, he's a perennial Pro Bowl participant.

Merril Hoge: Vince Young. The reason for this is simple. This is a guy who had a 66.7 quarterback rating (30th in the league ahead of only Bruce Gradkowski and Andrew Walter) and who threw more interceptions than touchdowns. Yet the expectations he faces this season are completely unfair to him because despite those terrible stats, he was 8-5 and made an amazing play against the Houston Texans.

This kid definitely has the ability to be a good quarterback in this league and maybe much more, but right now he's still young and trying to learn the game. Instead of being shepherded along slowly, he's being saddled with unreasonable expectations for a player who is playing without the Titans' best offensive and defensive players -- running back Travis Henry, now with the Denver Broncos, and cornerback Pacman Jones, who is suspended.

2. Who is the most underrated player?

Schlereth: Rams quarterback Marc Bulger. He consistently performs and has proven he can put up big numbers even without Mike Martz leading the way. This is a talented kid who had to play last season with a shoddy offensive line and still put up big numbers. One of these seasons people are going to wake up and be amazed at the numbers he has amassed.

Hoge: Aaron Smith of the Steelers and Kelly Gregg of the Baltimore Ravens are tied for this one. These are two of the best defensive linemen in the game and the linchpins for their team's defensive success up front. Neither gets the respect he deserves from the pundits, but both are highly regarded by offensive and defensive coordinators around the league.

3. If these charges stick, should Adam "Pacman" Jones play in the league again?

Schlereth: He shouldn't play in the league until he can prove he's a mature, upstanding individual. If he complies with the rules that are set forth for him by the commissioner and the legal system, then he should get another chance. Right now he can't seem to make a decent decision, and that's a shame because he has the world in the palm of his hand because of his exceptional talent. I do feel sorry for him that he has all these opportunities and doesn't understand how charmed a life he is leading.

Hoge: If these charges stick, he should be done. The trouble he allows himself to get into is absolutely ridiculous, and he simply doesn't seem to get it. There is no reason for him to be in the constant trouble that he finds himself in, but yet it seems like a week doesn't pass without him being in the headlines.