NFL destroys 'all' materials from Pats spy scandal

NEW YORK -- The NFL has received and destroyed all materials
it requested from the New England Patriots concerning videotaping
of opponents' sidelines, and a league spokesman said the team was
unlikely to face any further sanctions.

An NFL statement Thursday said the team was in compliance with a
request for tapes and other documents.

"The Patriots have fully cooperated and complied with the
requirements of the commissioner's decision," the statement said.
"All tapes, documents and other records relating to this matter
were turned over to the league office and destroyed, and the
Patriots have certified in writing that no copies or other records

"League policies on in-game videotaping and audio communication
will continue to be closely monitored and strictly enforced with
all 32 teams."

Saturday, in an e-mail exchange with ESPN.com Tuesday Morning Quarterback columnist Gregg Easterbrook, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wrote that the reason for the destruction was "so that our clubs would know they no longer exist and cannot be used by anyone."

Aiello was also asked if there was evidence of the Patriots using the tactics in their Super Bowl wins. He declined to comment.

Last week, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 by
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the team was fined $250,000 for
violating a league rule that prohibits clubs from using a video
camera on the sidelines for any purpose -- including recording
signals relayed to opposing players on the field. New England also
must forfeit a first-round draft pick next year if it makes the
playoffs or a second- and third-rounder if it doesn't.

Asked Thursday if there could be additional penalties, Aiello told the Boston Herald: "I don't expect anything further."

A spokesman for the Patriots, Stacey James, said the team was
satisfied the case was closed and was focused on Sunday's game
against the Buffalo Bills.

A video camera aimed at Jets coaches was confiscated from a
Patriots employee during the first quarter of the team's 38-14 win
Sept. 9 over the New York Jets. Jets' coach Eric Mangini has had a cool
relationship with Belichick since leaving as Patriots defensive
coordinator after the 2005 season.

When asked if the Patriots' defensive players also used
microphones or other recording devices in their shoulder pads to
pick up Jets audibles, Aiello said: "We have no evidence to
support that claim."