Fires in San Diego, floods in New Orleans hit Brees homes

METAIRIE, La. -- Drew Brees has one house on the West Coast
and another near the Gulf Coast. He was worried about both this

While wildfires raged near the 6,000 square-foot house he owns
in San Diego, a heavy downpour flooded the basement of his place in
New Orleans alongside Aububon Park.

"Monday was an awful day," the New Orleans Saints quarterback
recalled after practice on Wednesday. "My brother-in-law was in my
house [in San Diego] and they got evacuated ... and I have that on
my mind and then it rained 6 inches in Audubon Park, the streets
are flooding, my basement's flooding, my attic is getting water and
I'm just going, 'Could this be a worse day?'"

While Brees was dealing with water damage at his New Orleans
home, his wife, Brittany, told him that her brother had called from
California, asking what to take from that house before heeding the
evacuation order.

"Obviously you expect the worst at this point," Brees said,
describing his wife as frantic. "She said she told him to grab the
wedding album and other than that I really don't care."

Brees' San Diego house is east of Del Mar and west of Poway,
which has suffered extensive fire damage.

He said his brother-in-law has been allowed to return since
Monday to check on the property and found a layer of "soot just
sitting on top of the counters and floors and everything."

Back in New Orleans, Brees and his wife were in the process of
cleaning out their basement. Stacked in a corner were boxes of
personal items, which were sagging after getting soaked.

Brees chalked up the damage to his properties as a relatively
minor inconvenience, well aware that many San Diego residents had
lost their homes.

"Both houses are OK, so I just feel terrible for the people who
had to go through this once again," Brees said, recalling
wildfires that tore through the San Diego area in 2003, when Brees
played for the Chargers. "No matter what's going on in your life,
somebody else has got it worse, so just always remember that."