Colts hope Super Bowl ring raffle will raise up to $1 million for charities

INDIANAPOLIS -- Want to win an Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl
ring? Here's your chance.

During a pep rally for Sunday's game against New England, Colts
owner Jim Irsay wore a giant blue top hat, large round blue
sunglasses and a white showman's suit as he told hundreds of fans
about the "Quest for the Ring" raffle.

"I look like Willie Wonka Elton, a combination of Willie Wonka
and Elton John," Irsay joked before throwing open a gold treasure
chest containing a small box with five shiny rings.

Although some fans clearly hoped Irsay would toss the rings into
the crowd, he explained the rings would be given away in a raffle
he hopes will raise up to $1 million for Indiana charities.

Raffle tickets cost $5 each and will be sold through Nov. 20 for
the three-stage contest.

Twenty-five finalists will first be chosen from up to 200,000
tickets the team hopes to sell. Ten finalists will then be chosen
to move onto the contest's final stage during a Nov. 30-Dec. 1
treasure hunt for Colts-related items hidden around Indianapolis.

Those finalists will gather on the RCA Dome field at halftime of
the Colts' Dec. 2 game against Jacksonville and select one locked
box and key. Five of those boxes will contain a Super Bowl ring.