Is Adrian Peterson the best back in football?

Our experts offer insight on Adrian Peterson's ability, the Bills' playoff chances and the Raiders' quarterback situation.

Is Adrian Peterson the best RB in the NFL?

Sean Salisbury: Peterson is just a tad shy of LaDainian Tomlinson, but give him time and he'll be the best back in football. It's impressive to watch this kid run the rock. He has great feet, vision and speed and finishes runs off instead of heading for the sidelines like other running backs. He's the kind of player we'll one day tell our grandchildren about.

Eric Allen: It's too early to give him such a lofty title, but Peterson's play and maturity make it easy to overlook the fact that he's just getting started in this league. He's probably not the best running back in football yet, but he may be the most explosive just nine weeks into his rookie season. What he's done this season is simply phenomenal when you consider that every team knows he's the Vikings' best way of winning. But with all great backs it doesn't matter what you do to try to stop him. In the end he finds a way to get just enough daylight to break the big run.

Can the Bills make the playoffs?

Salisbury: No, they are too far out of the race at 4-4 and have a tough schedule remaining to navigate. The Bills should take solace in the fact that they are doing this with a rookie running back and a quarterback duo that is extremely young. However, this team very well could be a playoff contender as early as next season. Dick Jauron has done a great job molding this team into a physical bunch that is starting to avoid the mental mistakes that plague young teams.

Allen: The Bills have some great pieces to build upon for the future, but this season they will fall just a bit short of making the playoffs. Jauron and the rest of this coaching staff have done a great job of instilling a professional attitude into this young team and that's manifesting itself on the field. When QB J.P. Losman went down early in the season this squad didn't fall apart and start moaning about what could've been. The Bills put their head down and went to work and that's why they will finish above .500.

Should the Raiders turn to JaMarcus Russell at QB?

Salisbury:It's time for the Raiders to realize that they aren't going to get any better this season. They need to start getting ready for the future and Russell is that future. There's a reason this kid was chosen No. 1 overall and it's time for the organization to start getting him ready for all that he will face when he becomes the full-time starter. He should know enough of the playbook to start and to show why he believes he deserved the big money.

Allen: The Raiders have to decide how they want to bring along their most important asset. Russell is the future of this team and they may feel it is too soon to give him the keys to the team quite yet because of his prolonged holdout. Too often we've seen high draft picks get destroyed on the field because they were rolled out too quickly. The Raiders need to see where he is in his maturation process as a quarterback and see if it is worth it to put him on the field and start the learning process.