Report: Some teammates would welcome Pacman's return

Although Adam "Pacman" Jones won't return to the Tennessee Titans this season, some of his teammates would welcome him back if his suspension were shortened.

"I would like him back," linebacker Keith Bulluck told The Tennessean on Wednesday. "How many others feel that way? You know what? I don't know. The thing with 53 men is we are all after the same thing on Sundays and during the week when we practice. That is the only time we are a team, and once you separate the game from it, then it becomes more individuals and personal opinions.

"If you don't know Pac, then you might not want him. If you think he is some kind of way, you might not want him. It's really a personal preference, I guess," Bulluck said.

Running back LenDale White told The Tennessean that he thinks "53 of 53" Titans players would want Jones back.

"There's people in this room, everything that they've done in their personal life isn't perfect," White told the newspaper. "But that still doesn't mean as a teammate he wouldn't be welcomed back."

Safety Chris Hope, however, said Jones might have to change to fit in with the team.

"I am sure he would not come back with a negative attitude, because he realizes there is not going to be any room for that," Hope told the Tennessean. "We have changed our attitude as a team. It is a positive locker room now, a family-friendly atmosphere. So I'm pretty sure he would come back in and not be a problem."

Some Titans said it might be for the best that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn't lift Jones' season-long suspension.

"I wasn't hoping he would come back for the team's sake because we are doing really well," defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch told the newspaper. "But I was kind of hoping for Pac's sake that he would get back out on the field at some point this year.

"It is probably best for him that he could get all his off-the-field stuff settled before he could get back on the field so there is not a conflict," he said. "Hopefully he can get his legal matters behind him, and if he does all the right things, he can get back on the field next year."

Some players also said that the team's 6-2 record shows they can win without Jones.

"We are going to do well without him, we can do well with him," quarterback Vince Young told The Tennessean.

At least one formerly outspoken Titan, however, refused to discuss Jones.

"I am not going to answer any questions regarding him," center Kevin Mawae, who has expressed his opinion that Jones needs to reform, told the newspaper.