Cowboys' Newman put on notice by NFL after Kitna comments

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman
has been put on notice by the NFL after indicating his desire for
revenge on Detroit quarterback Jon Kitna.

Posted on Newman's locker Thursday was a letter he received from
the NFL after making comments about Kitna during a satellite radio
interview. Newman refused comment to reporters when he walked
through the locker room.

"Be advised that your comments will now compel us to carefully
monitor your activities in this weekend's Cowboys-Lions game,"
read part of the letter signed by Ray Anderson, NFL executive vice
president for football operations. "As you know, flagrant fouls
may subject a player not only to fines, but to suspension as well.
So conduct yourself accordingly."

Kitna threw four touchdown passes in the regular-season finale
in Dallas last year to end a 3-13 season for Detroit. In an
interview the following week with a radio station in Seattle, where
the Cowboys had to go for the playoffs, Kitna called out the Dallas
defense, specifically linebacker Bradie James.

The Cowboys (11-1), who have already clinched another playoff
spot this season, play at Detroit on Sunday. Kitna's bulletin-board
remarks from January have been widely discussed.

While Newman hasn't spoken to local media this week, he issued
what amounted to a warning for Kitna during an interview Tuesday on
Sirius NFL Radio.

"Basically what it boils down to is you've got to watch what
you say. Your mouth can't write checks that your [expletive] can't
cash. That's what it comes down to," Newman said. "Everybody's
going to see those quotes. He better just hope I don't blitz off
the edge, because I've got 15, 25, 30 [thousand dollars], however
much it would be for a fine. I've got that much for one fine.
Revenge will be sweet definitely."

In the NFL letter to Newman, Anderson wrote those comments were
'thoughtless and irresponsible" and "contrary to all the NFL
stands for."

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said he didn't know about the letter
until Newman told him about it during practice Thursday.

"We're going to play a clean game. I don't have any doubt about
that,'' Phillips said. "They got a little riled up about what was
said about them last year. It's just motivation, and that's OK.''

On Monday, when the Cowboys returned to practice from a
three-day weekend following their victory over Green Bay, James was
already talking about facing Kitna and the Lions.

"It has been circled on my calendar the whole year, and here we
are and I'm looking forward to it," James said. "Y'all can ask me
about Jon Kitna every day from here on out the rest of my life and
I will get fired up. ... He talked like we weren't ever going to
play them again. We're going to be ready."