Peterson says he won't leave Chiefs 'before the job is finished'

Carl Peterson says he will return for a 20th year running the
Kansas City Chiefs despite a disappointing season that left many
fans unhappy.

"We have a plan and it's being implemented," the Chiefs
president and general manager told The Associated Press Monday in a
telephone interview from his office at Arrowhead Stadium. "I have
no intention to leave before the job is finished."

A 13-10 overtime loss to the equally hapless New York Jets ended
Kansas City's season on a nine-game losing streak with a 4-12
record. It's the longest skid in a non-strike year in team history
and the Chiefs' worst record in almost 30 years.

In New York on Sunday after the Jets game, Peterson told The
Kansas City Star that coach Herm Edwards also would be back.

Team co-owner Clark Hunt, who took over leadership of the Chiefs
in late 2006 after the death of his father, team founder Lamar
Hunt, did not comment Sunday.

But Peterson clearly has been assured that he will return for
what figures to be a major retooling of the team and coaching

The bottom fell out in Edwards' second season, and Kansas City
is further from the Super Bowl than it has been at anytime during
Peterson's reign. Fan interest also is lower than anytime since the
late 1980s.

As many as 20 players could be gone next year from the aging
team that scored fewer points than any Kansas City squad in a
16-game season.

"We're devastated. But we are not discouraged," Peterson said
Monday. "We know where we're going and what we're going to do."

Peterson said he was most disappointed for Hunt, who shares
ownership with his sister and two brothers, none of whom has taken
a leadership role in the franchise.

"Clark is as discouraged as any one of us. I feel bad for Clark
because this is his first year as the leader of the new ownership
group," Peterson said. "We are going forward in 2008."