Raiders, Falcons, Chiefs to decide draft order with coin flip

NEW YORK -- Atlanta, Kansas City and Oakland are involved in
a complicated coin flip scenario to decide the third, fourth and
fifth picks in the NFL draft in April.

The first pick will go to Miami (1-15) and the second to St. Louis (3-13).

Then come the Falcons, Raiders and Chiefs, teams that finished
4-12 and tied in the strength of schedule factor. The New York Jets, who also had a 4-12 record, will pick sixth because they played a stronger schedule, one of the determining factors in the draft order.

The Falcons, Chiefs and Raiders all had the same strength of
schedule -- they played teams that finished with a winning
percentage of .516 compared to .523 for Jets' opponents.

Because the Chiefs finished third in the AFC West with a better
record in common games over the Raiders, Oakland will draft ahead
of them.

So the Falcons and Raiders will flip a coin for the third spot.
If Atlanta wins, it will pick third followed by Oakland and Kansas
City. If Oakland wins the toss, then the Chiefs and Falcons will
flip for the fourth spot.

New England, which finished the regular season 16-0, will pick
seventh, having obtained the pick from San Francisco during last
April's draft. The Patriots, however, will not have their own pick
toward the end of the first because it was taken away by
commissioner Roger Goodell after they were caught taping the Jets'
signals in the opening game of the season.

The draft will run from April 26-27.