Moss, Culpepper talk about reuniting via free agency

With no deal close with the New England Patriots, Randy Moss continues to explore all options in his first professional exposure to free agency.

On Saturday night, he came up with an interesting idea. He reached out to Daunte Culpepper, his former quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings. The two former teammates discussed the possibility of finishing what they started in Minnesota on any NFL team interested, sources told ESPN.com.

Although their relationship ended a little rocky when Moss left the Vikings to go to the Raiders in a trade, Moss and Culpepper stayed in touch with each other and stayed friends. They joked that at some point they might be free agents at the same time and might have a chance to reunite. As Moss spent his second day in unrestricted free agency Saturday, he started to think about Culpepper, who also is a free agent. What they had talked about for years all of a sudden was true.

Don't necessarily confuse this with a true package deal. It's an option for teams looking for a quarterback and a wide receiver and open to solving both needs at the same time.

At 30, Moss has accomplished everything except getting a Super Bowl ring. He has been on the two highest-scoring offensive teams in NFL history, one in Minnesota and last season in New England. He has 774 catches, 12,193 receiving yards and 124 touchdown receptions. He has been to six Pro Bowls.

It's a reflective time in his career. He has looked back on his accomplishments and his future.

He also has had a chance to reflect on his friendships, which prompted his call to Culpepper. They spent time on the phone Saturday night talking about the Vikings days and comparing notes on what they are hearing in free agency.

On Friday, Moss -- although still in talks with the Patriots -- started to listen to what other teams had to say about their interest in him. There is no word on how many teams have contacted him, and he has no visits scheduled yet. He's studying options. Moss can stay with the Patriots. He can move on to another team. He can reunite with Culpepper on another team.

Moss set an NFL record by catching 23 touchdown passes from Tom Brady this past season. 2008 will be his 11th season, but this is his first chance to study all his options as a free agent.

John Clayton covers the NFL for ESPN.com.