Domestic violence charges dropped against Steelers LB Harrison

PITTSBURGH -- Domestic violence charges were dropped Thursday against Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison, who was arrested in early March after hitting his girlfriend.

Allegheny County prosecutors announced the decision as a judge was preparing to open a preliminary hearing for Harrison on charges of simple assault and criminal mischief.

"He has entered domestic abuse counseling. The victim did not request any further restitution and the victim did not wish to pursue further prosecution," said Mike Manko, a spokesman for the district attorney.

Harrison told police he and Beth Tibbott were arguing on March 8, and then he broke through her bedroom door, slapped her in the face and snapped her cell phone in half. The Steelers have said the couple were arguing about whether to baptize Harrison's son.

Harrison's attorney, Robert DelGreco Jr., said Harrison has completed anger management and psychological counseling, which likely would have been required had the case gone to trial.