One day after being indicted, Saints' Grant posts $10K bond

BLAKELY, Ga. -- New Orleans Saints defensive end Charles Grant posted $10,000 bond Thursday after his indictment on an involuntary manslaughter charge stemming from a February nightclub fight in which a woman died.

Grant appeared before a judge and was presented with the charges and read his rights, Assistant District Attorney Ron Smith said.

Grant's lawyer, Ed Tolley, said Grant entered a plea of not guilty and waived his right to arraignment. The next step, a preliminary hearing, has not been scheduled.

Tolley said his client was to return to New Orleans for Saints minicamp at the end of this month.

Grant was stabbed in the neck during the Feb. 3 fight. He was charged by a grand jury that also charged Laquient Macklin with felony murder and killing a fetus in the shooting death of Korynda Reed, 23. Reed, who was pregnant, died after being taken to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan.

Tolley said Grant and Macklin had gone to Pokey's club in Blakely, not far from the player's hometown of Colquitt, and "somehow got entangled in the fight." Tolley said Grant didn't shoot a gun and didn't have a gun.

"They're saying he was part of a fist fight, and someone got shot, and somehow that's his fault," Tolley said.