Report: Favre sends text message to Packers GM Thompson

The Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre are publicly remaining quiet on reports that the quarterback is reconsidering his decision to retire. But according to media reports, that doesn't mean there's no activity behind the scenes.

Favre has said little about the report that he was considering a return to the NFL, other than telling the Sun Herald of Biloxi, Miss., that "it's all rumor" and that there was "no reason" for a media frenzy. And the Packers said they had "no reaction" to ESPN's report that Favre had an "itch" to come out of retirement and report to training camp later this month.

But WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee reported Monday that Favre sent a text message to Packers GM Ted Thompson on Saturday -- and that Thompson's reply was that he is on vacation and the two men will have to talk later.

And Sports Illustrated reported on its Web site Monday that Thompson has ignored phone calls from Favre's agent, James "Bus" Cook, while sending an intermediary to Mississippi to talk to Favre. According to that report, Cook is expected to request that Favre be taken off the NFL's reserve/retired list within the next 10 days.

Last week, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported Favre had communicated his potential desire to return to coach Mike McCarthy, but that talks had not advanced to a substantive stage, according to a Packers source. The source said the Packers would be reluctant to open the door for Favre because "Brett retired for the right reasons, even though I know his family is tugging on him [to play]."

And at least one Packers player said that Favre hasn't completely gotten the game out of his system.

Last week on ESPN's "NFL Live," Packers defensive back Al Harris said: "I've talked to Brett and I know he has the itch to come back and play. If he will or not, I don't know. But I know he's feeling he wants to play."

When asked how Favre expressed his desire to return, Harris said the quarterback said, "I got the itch."

Citing NFL sources, multiple media outlets in Wisconsin reported last week that Favre or his agent contacted the Packers about returning a few weeks ago and the conversation ended with the quarterback asking for his release. The team reportedly refused his request.

If Favre indeed decides to return, that would put the Packers in an awkward situation. The entire offseason has been spent preparing Aaron Rodgers to play quarterback to the point where "the offensive scheme has evolved," and psychologically closing the door on Favre's legendary 17-year career.

If Favre asked the Packers, in writing, to reinstate him to active status, the team would have to comply or release him.

ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen and The Associated Press contributed to this report.