Rams send tape to NFL over what they believe are missed calls

The New England Patriots were assessed zero penalty yards in their win over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday -- and the Rams want to know why.

The Rams are sending a videotape to the NFL's offices, highlighting plays the team believes should have resulted in penalties against the Patriots on Sunday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

"Never ever, ever, ever played a perfect team before," Rams guard Richie Incognito said about the disparity, according to the report. "That's all I am going to say on that one."

During the game, the Rams were flagged 12 times (with three penalties declined) for 63 yards; the Patriots were flagged once, with the Rams declining that penalty.

"It doesn't help. It just lets them know you know," Rams coach Jim Haslett said of the decision to send the tape, according to the report.

The Post-Dispatch reported that Haslett pointed out three plays he believed should have resulted in personal fouls against the Patriots: a grab of quarterback Marc Bulger's face mask; a late hit on Bulger; and an out-of-bounds hit on cornerback Fakhir Brown following an interception.

Haslett also said the Rams were hurt by a poor placement on a punt that Donnie Jones kicked out of bounds during the fourth quarter, according to the report. New England took possession at its 48-yard line and tied the score at 16 on a field goal six plays later.

"I thought we should've had at least another 10 yards," Haslett said of the placement, according to the report.