Sources: Del Rio will meet with Peterson to discuss player's future

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio will meet with banished linebacker Mike Peterson
on Friday morning to determine Peterson's future with the team, sources said Thursday night.

If the meeting goes well, Peterson will be allowed to return to the Jaguars immediately. He has not been ruled out of Sunday's game in Detroit, a source said. It is unknown what Del Rio would need to hear from Peterson in order to welcome him back.

Del Rio banished Peterson from the team the past two days, for alleged "insubordination" stemming from a team meeting Wednesday when the coach challenged several players about their actions during and after the team's 21-19 loss to the previously winless Bengals, sources said.

Peterson was on a list of players Del Rio was "calling out" during the meeting. The coach had made it clear he wanted no feedback but Peterson challenged Del Rio on a specific incident for which he was cited, the sources said.

Del Rio complained about Peterson's muscle-flexing celebration after a "shoestring" sack of Bengals quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick when the Jaguars were trailing 21-3 with two minutes left in the third quarter, sources said. On the prior play, Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson had been ejected from the game for trying to gouge the eyes of Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth.

Instead of staying silent during the meeting, as Del Rio had requested, Peterson defended himself by saying he was just trying to bring some energy to the team. Del Rio was agitated by the explanation and wanted none of the back-and-forth that continued between himself and the linebacker. Peterson was excused from the meeting. When Peterson reported for practice a short time later, he was told to go back home by Del Rio, one source said.

Chris Mortensen is a senior NFL analyst for ESPN.com.