NFL fines Pats' Moss for comments made on officiating after Colts loss

The NFL fined New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss $20,000 for comments made on officiating after last Sunday's loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

"A lot of guys are really down because we let a game like this slip," Moss said, according to the Boston Herald. "But when things happen, you have to watch what you say. Guys don't want to get fined. But there was some real iffy calls out there.

"Some of the things you wish wouldn't happen. But good calls and bad calls are part of the game. You've got to live with that one, the good and the bad."

The league has been cracking down on public criticism of officials.

"Public criticism of officials is prohibited because it serves the club and the league no good. We do it privately, so we can make sure we're responding to an allegation that is presented in a calm moment, not in the heat of battle where you have just lost a game," NFL executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson recently said.