Pats' Welker not expecting apology from Steelers' Clark over hard hit

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker doesn't expect an apology from Ryan Clark for leveling him and said the Steelers safety made a good play Sunday.

Clark said after Pittsburgh's 33-10 win he wanted to apologize but didn't see Welker after the game.

"I don't really expect him to. It's a football play," New England's leading receiver said Wednesday. "No sense in crying or whining about it. You just have to keep on moving on and get ready for the next week."

The play occurred late in the third quarter after Matt Cassel's pass was tipped and went by Welker, who didn't see Clark and was hit hard. He lay on the ground briefly, then went to the sideline and missed the rest of the game.

He participated fully in practice on Wednesday, but said it's up to the doctors and coaches to decide if he will play Sunday at Seattle.

"He seemed to be OK on Monday," coach Bill Belichick said. "I talked to him this morning and he seems to be doing all right."

Welker watched a replay of the hit and said Clark "came in and made a good play." Clark received a 15-yard penalty, though, for unnecessary roughness.

Welker is listed as 5-feet-9 and 185 pounds. Clark is 5-11 and 205.

"Like any other hit, you just take it in stride and make sure you're getting ready for the next opportunity you have to get back out there," Welker said. "It's football. You get hit a lot."