Marinelli apologizes for comment

Chicago Bears defensive line coach Rod Marinelli apologized Wednesday for brushing off reporters at the Senior Bowl the day before by saying "Goodbye, ladies."

Marinelli, recently fired as coach of the Lions after an 0-16 season, made the comment Tuesday when approached by members of the Detroit media in Mobile, Ala. The Association for Women in Sports Media expressed concern to the NFL and the Bears.

"We're pleased that they took such swift and prompt action to address the issue," AWSM president Jenni Carlson said.

"I think for me and for many of our members, comments like that used in the way it was used, basically as an insult, it just helps to foster a hostile work environment," Carlson said. "Maybe he didn't intend it to have that effect, but words like that can carry meaning that weren't intended."

Bears spokesman Scott Hagel said the team would have no comment.

"Please accept my personal apology for the words I used in response to the request of a few Detroit reporters covering the Senior Bowl," Marinelli said in a statement released by AWSM. "In attempting to avoid being interviewed, I understand that my comment was inappropriate and wrong.

"I want to assure you that this tone and this choice of words will not occur again in response to questions from reporters."