Teams to wear historic uniforms

NEW YORK -- The NFL will stage 16 games this season to honor the American Football League, which turns 50 in 2010.

In announcing the 16 matchups Tuesday, the NFL said the eight original AFL teams will wear historic uniforms.

Eleven legacy games will be matchups among those original AFL teams: Buffalo; New England; San Diego; Denver; Oakland; Tennessee; Kansas City; and the New York Jets.

The Chargers actually began life in Los Angeles in 1960, while the Titans were the Houston Oilers and the Chiefs were the Dallas Texans. The Jets were known as the New York Titans back then.

The first legacy game is during the preseason, when Buffalo plays Tennessee in the Hall of Fame game Aug. 8 in Canton, Ohio.

On the first Monday night of the regular season, a doubleheader will feature Buffalo at New England, followed by San Diego at Oakland.

On Sept. 27, the current Titans are at the former Titans: Tennessee at the Jets.

On Oct. 11, New England is at Denver, while the following weekend has Tennessee at New England on Oct. 18, and Denver at San Diego on Oct. 19.

San Diego visits Kansas City on Oct. 25 in another legacy game, followed by the Jets at the Raiders.

Buffalo is at Tennessee and Kansas City at Oakland on Nov. 15.

Another legacy game has the Dallas Cowboys, wearing their jerseys from 1960 to 1962, at Kansas City on Oct. 11. The Texans and Cowboys shared the Cotton Bowl from 1960 to '62 before the Texans moved to Kansas City to become the Chiefs.

On Nov. 1, the Miami Dolphins, who joined the AFL as an expansion team in 1966, visit the Jets. On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26, Oakland visits the Cowboys. Three days later, Miami is at Buffalo.

On Dec. 8, the final legacy game has New England at Miami.

Game-worn jerseys and signed memorabilia will be auctioned off throughout the season, with money raised going to the NFL Player Care Foundation.

The AFL began in 1960 and lasted through 1969, when a merger with the NFL became official. The two leagues began playing championship games in the 1966 season, although the title game was not called the Super Bowl until the 1969 match between the Jets and Baltimore Colts.