Report: Favre surgery likely this week

Brett Favre will meet with renowned orthopedist Dr. James Andrews on Tuesday in Alabama to discuss surgery on his throwing shoulder expected to be performed later this week, the St. Paul Pioneer Press has reported.

Rehabilitation from the surgery, which will release a partially torn biceps tendon in Favre's right arm, would be six to eight weeks, the report said.

Favre, 39, consulted with Andrews last week, a source told ESPN. According to the Pioneer Press, Favre then missed another scheduled appointment with Andrews.

The biceps tendon release is a routine procedure which, if successful in alleviating Favre's shoulder pain, would allow him to be ready to fully participate in football activities by training camp.

It would afford Favre the simplest and most efficient measure of evaluating how much the biceps was responsible for the pain he experienced last season.

According to the Pioneer Press report, there are other suspected sources of pain in Favre's shoulder. Although it wasn't clear what those were, rotator cuff involvement often accompanies biceps tendon injuries in throwers.

The report further indicates Favre's intent to consider signing with the Minnesota Vikings despite announcing his retirement with the New York Jets after last season.

The Jets subsequently released Favre from his contract, making him a free agent and giving him the option of signing with any team.

Information from ESPN.com's Stephania Bell was used in this report.