Titans' Young pushing to play

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young isn't saying "play me or trade me," but he's coming pretty close.

In an interview with Baltimore's WMAR-TV, Young said if he doesn't win back his starting job, he wants to move on. The problem is that Kerry Collins is still the starter.

"I definitely want to get back out there playing ball and picking up where I left off, winning games and having a good time with my teammates and with the fans," Young said, according to the television station. "At the same time, if them guys don't want me to be in there, it's time for me to make a career change for myself. Because the fact is I'm ready to play ball. If they're not ready for me to play ball, then somebody is."

The former rookie of the year suffered a knee injury in the first game of the season last year. Veteran Kerry Collins stepped in and was the starter for the remainder of the year, leading the Titans to a 13-3 record and the playoffs.

Young's season was further marred by an incident after that first game against Jacksonville in which the quarterback was reported missing. He was later found and there was some question as to his state of mind.

This offseason, Titans coach Jeff Fisher said that Young would have to unseat Collins as the starter.

"I'm still focused, staying focused," Young said, according to WMAR. "I got a lot of people that look up to me. I got a lot of fans that love me and want to see me back out on the football field."