Favre fined $10K for illegal crackback

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was fined $10,000 by the NFL on Friday for his crackback block on Houston defensive back Eugene Wilson in a preseason game.

The play happened on Monday night at Houston in Favre's first extensive action since he signed with the Vikings on Aug. 18.

The 39-year-old lined up at receiver in Minnesota's version of the wildcat offense. Rookie receiver Percy Harvin took the snap and started running around the left end in Favre's direction. Despite playing with sore ribs, the quarterback crouched and threw his body at Wilson's legs to cut him down.

The game was televised nationally and the block caused an uproar in Houston and elsewhere around the league. Wilson injured his left knee on the play and defensive players have long considered that type of block a dirty play.

"What was up with that?" Wilson said after the game when asked about the block. "Seriously, what was up with that?"

His agent, James Sims, wondered what was up with the fine.

"Absolutely not," Sims said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports in Houston when asked if the punishment fit the deed. "Certainly there have been similar blatant infractions like this where a player has received a one-game suspension, which would have cost Favre a whole lot more money."

Sims said Wilson was looking to get an apology from Favre.

"Eugene went back out on the field after the game hoping Favre would come up to him and apologize and express some concern and that didn't happen," Sims said. "Eugene then was hoping Favre would send him an apology through some sort of correspondence, but that hasn't happened, either. Eugene is still hopeful Favre will apologize to him."

Favre had only been practicing for 14 days since ending his second retirement to join the Vikings. He said he wasn't trying to injure Wilson and was only trying to help Harvin on the run, and knock a little rust off.

"I will be 40 years old in October and [was] weed-eating 13 days ago," Favre said. "I wasn't thinking about throwing blocks."

The Vikings finish the preseason Friday night with a home game against the Cowboys. Favre is not expected to play.