Sources: Marshall, Broncos talking

Did Elway prioritize Marshall over Von Miller? (0:53)

The NFL Insiders have a hunch that John Elway needed to complete Brandon Marshall's contract to secure locker room morale before moving onto Von Miller. (0:53)

Despite their stormy relationship, the Denver Broncos are now exploring the possibility of giving a contract extension to wide receiver Brandon Marshall, two league sources ESPN on Wednesday.

The potential new deal would put Marshall's salary more in line with some of the game's other highly paid receivers.

Due to the fact he has been unable to get a long-term deal, Marshall has been clinging to the hopes that Denver would deal him. But now, in a new approach, the deal Denver might make is not for Marshall, but rather with Marshall.

The fact that they are even talking is an encouraging sign, sources said, and there is some optimism that a deal could be struck that could keep Marshall in Denver long term.

Adam Schefter covers the NFL for ESPN Insider.