No Vikings switch despite Twins' play

MINNEAPOLIS -- The NFL said Monday it will not reschedule this season's Green Bay Packers-Minnesota Vikings games in case a Major League Baseball tiebreaker game is played at the Metrodome.

Green Bay is scheduled to play at Minnesota on Monday night, Oct. 5, pitting Brett Favre against his old team in front of a national TV audience.

If the Minnesota Twins are able to catch Detroit and host the Tigers in a tiebreaker game to determine the AL Central winner, however, Major League Baseball would prefer that Monday night slot.

The Packers host the Vikings on Nov. 1, but NFL spokesman Dan Masonson said there is no swap of sites under consideration to accommodate the potential baseball game. He said the game wouldn't be moved to a different night, either.

"We don't want to inconvenience our fans," Masonson said.

MLB typically schedules tiebreaker games for the Monday right after the regular season because playoff series begin later that week.

"We are going to try and work through this," MLB senior vice president Katy Feeney said.

As of Monday afternoon, the Twins trailed Detroit by three games in the American League Central with 13 games left to play. If the two teams finish tied for first place, the Twins will host a tiebreaker game if they beat the Tigers in the overall season series. Minnesota leads 9-5, with four games remaining in Detroit next week.

The Twins and White Sox needed a 163rd game to decide the division last year, a game that was played in Chicago.

Potential conflicts like this are nothing new for the Twins, who have shared the Metrodome with the Vikings since 1982 and will move to their own ballpark next spring.

"It would certainly be a fitting way to end our time in the Metrodome," Twins president Dave St. Peter said of the potential hassle.

Until this fall, the University of Minnesota also played football at the dome, forcing the Twins into plenty of 11 a.m. game times over the years. In 2004, a game was halted in the 11th inning during a September pennant drive because crews needed time to convert the field for football later that night.

St. Peter said he wasn't worried about this season, though.

"There's a long way to go before that's going to be a reality. That's the first thing I'd say," St. Peter said. "I suspect it'll sort itself out over the next week or so.

"We're more concerned about getting home-field advantage than what day the tiebreaker game would be played on."