Ochocinco had it planned out

The promise seemed unwise, the attempt ill-advised. But Chad Ochocinco had a plan all along.

The Bengals receiver announced last week that he hoped to do the Lambeau Leap if he scored in Cincinnati's game against the Green Bay Packers, who most likely would not be playing the gracious hosts.

Ochocinco did score, on a 13-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter of the Bengals' 31-24 win Sunday.

Curiously, he managed to find a small patch of orange to jump into, a trio of Bengals fans -- one wearing a tiger-striped cheesehead -- who gave him a big welcome.

But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dug and discovered -- it turns out that Ochocinco used his ubiquitous Twitter account and put out the word. And Mike Bergs; his brother, Lee; and Lee's friend, Brian Keil, became part of the conspiracy.

"We're thinking, OK, that would be great if it comes together, but you know how it is. He's got to score in our end zone. Heck, he's got to score, period, and find us in the heat of the moment. We knew there would be a ton of other Packer fans around," Mike Bergs told the Journal Sentinel.

Ochocinco procured four front-row tickets in the north end zone and sent them to Mike Bergs' home in Evanston, Ill., the newspaper reported. (The fourth ticket went to Bergs' friend, Ross Peterson, who actually is a Packers fan. No word on his fate.) They decked themselves out in orange -- Lee Bergs was the one with the corrupted cheesehead.

So it was not hard for the receiver to find his target. "When he started making his way toward us, we knew it was on," Mike Bergs said, according to the Journal Sentinel. "His face. I wish I could have been shooting a camera at him. The smile on his face was from ear to ear. He was so excited.

"That was one of the most pure, fun moments for us as Bengals fans."