Owens critical of the media

Terrell Owens feels like he's being provoked.

The Buffalo wide receiver, a day after offering mostly terse answers to reporters' questions following the Bills' 27-7 loss to the New Orleans Saints, told the "Two Live Stews" on Sporting News Radio that the media is trying to get him to stir things up in Buffalo, as he did in Dallas and Philadelphia.

Owens, who declined to speak with the media after the Bills' first two games, told "Two Live Stews" co-hosts Doug and Ryan Stewart that he has tried to prevent a repeat of the media tempests that roiled and eventually shortened his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.

"It really just shows you the angle that the media has taken all these years," Owens said during the interview. "Over the years I've always kind of spoken openly about whatever is being asked with my answers, so the last four or five years I've kind of noticed that and tried taking some steps to prevent some of those things from happening.

"But [Sunday] as you saw, it was obviously ... [the media] took some more than initiative to try to get me to kind of go down the wrong path. I know the last two teams that I've been on, I felt like I left those teams prematurely due to media interviews that I've done and things kind of taken out of context and they created sort of a media whirlwind in the locker room and things kind of went downhill from there. I'm just trying to do the best job I can do as far as answering the questions and trying to be a better teammate and not try to throw people under the bus."

During his news conference on Sunday after the Bills loss -- in which his streak of 185 consecutive games with a reception was snapped -- Owens was repeatedly asked about his lack of involvement in the team's offense.

"Just going with the plays that are called," Owens replied repeatedly to those questions. "Whether I like them or don't, I'm just going with the plays that are called."

He admitted some frustration with the lack of pass attempts downfield -- "We had some chances to go down the field and we didn't," he said -- but he sidestepped a question about whether the Bills and quarterback Trent Edwards are looking enough to the team's top receivers.

"No, I don't want to answer that," Owens said Sunday. "I don't want to answer that, because whatever I say you guys are going to turn it to however you want to say it."

On Monday, Owens told the "Two Live Stews" that he had been staying away from postgame media interviews -- he declined to speak after the Bills' first two games -- because he felt his answers were being misconstrued or taken out of context.

"So I was trying to take myself out of the situation and not do interviews at all until I had a talk with [NFL senior vice president of public relations] Greg Aiello and kind of got into a heated discussion with him as far as my stance on not doing postgame interviews because I'm not trying to go down the same road that I've been down before," Owens said during the interview.

"So I took the initiative and they told me I had to talk in the postgame. I just went in there and did the best job that I can do without creating any media headlines. Obviously, what I did [Sunday] created headlines.

"I know I can play this game at a high level," Owens added during the interview. "We've just got to find some ways to get myself and Lee [Evans] more involved in the offense. Our run game is right where it needs to be. We just got to complement our run game with the pass game."