Sources: Cable being evaluated

The NFL has triggered an evaluation process under the personal conduct policy for Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable to determine whether he needs mandatory counseling related to any issues stemming from recent allegations, according to sources familiar with the league's review.

As of now, logistics are being communicated for a timetable in which Cable will be evaluated by independent doctors, the sources said.

The league's review is primarily focused on an August training camp incident, in which assistant coach Randy Hanson said Cable assaulted him, because it prompted a criminal investigation.

The league will investigate regardless of the decision by Napa Valley (Calif.) authorities to not charge Cable.

Cable remains subject to disciplinary action, pending the outcome of the league's review of the Hanson case, which is consistent with the personal conduct policy that has affected players and non-playing personnel. Evaluation and mandatory counseling, if necessary, are confidential and not considered discipline.

Any domestic abuse allegations, as reported by ESPN's Outside The Lines, that occurred while Cable has been an NFL coach also are being reviewed by the league. However, there were no criminal investigations or charges brought against Cable in those cases.

Doctors assigned to evaluate Cable are expected to discuss the domestic allegations with him, but information would be independent of the league's investigation, sources said. Results would not be made public, as the standards of doctor-patient confidentiality would apply.

A league spokesman said there would be no comment regarding Cable and the review that is under way.

Chris Mortensen is a senior NFL analyst for ESPN.