Reid: Team evaluating trade offers

Andy Reid has said Donovan McNabb is his starting quarterback heading into the 2010 season.

But the trade rumors around the team's quarterback situation have persisted. And now Reid says offers are being made for all three of the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterbacks -- McNabb, backup Kevin Kolb and former Atlanta Falcons starter Michael Vick.

Reid said Tuesday and again Wednesday that the team is entertaining and evaluating the offers, according to published reports in Philadelphia. He has declined to offer details about the proposals.

"I'm listening [to offers] out there," Reid said Wednesday at the NFC coaches media breakfast, according to Philly.com. "I'm not saying I'm doing anything. But we're keeping our ears open.

"I don't worry about [what other people are saying]. It's an evaluation process right now," he added, according to the Web site. He also said he could see all three quarterbacks remaining with the team.

McNabb responded to Reid's statements via his blog at yardbarker.com.

"My position hasn't changed. I've said all along that I would like to win a Super Bowl and finish my career in Philadelphia," McNabb wrote. "I understand the situation well and just hope whichever direction the Eagles decide to go in, they do it quickly. I think that would be best for me, Kevin, Michael, the Eagles, and any other teams involved.

"No matter what happens, I've already begun preparing to have an outstanding season in 2010."

Reid broached the subject of trade offers on Tuesday.

"This is the truth: Our three quarterbacks are Philadelphia Eagles," Reid said Tuesday, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. "People are entertaining us with offers. Nothing's been done, but we're evaluating all of them. That's the truth. There's not a lot really going on other than entertaining."

Reid would not address the team's specific plans, according to the report, but said that from a coach's standpoint, the Eagles are in an enviable position.

"There are coaches who dream to be in this situation," Reid said, according to the Inquirer. "I'm not in any hurry to get rid of any of them. Have people talked? Yeah, people have talked. Have we listened? Yeah, we're in the process of listening. The bottom line is if I have all three of them, that's great."

Reid has stated and reiterated that McNabb is the team's starter headed into 2010. But trade rumors have not died down as the team's supporters debate whether it would be best to stick with McNabb, who has brought the team to five NFC Championship Games and a trip to the Super Bowl, or turn the page and give Kolb the keys to the offense.