Mawae puzzled by no offers

Kevin Mawae is still out of work and the president of the NFL Players Association revisited the idea Wednesday that it's more than his age holding him back.

"I am unemployed and hoping someone will call," Mawae, 39, told "3 Hour Lunch" on 104.5 in Nashville. "It's kind of befuddling to me that I just came off my eighth Pro Bowl and a 16-game season and I can't get one phone call.

"Alan Faneca gets cut two days ago and yesterday he signs a contract with another team. And not to take anything away from him, we have the same agent, we're friends. But something tells me that there is something going on beside me just being 39 years old.

"I've said in the past that I hope our management and the owners can look past the fact that I am president of the PA. But right now it's not looking that way. I'm looking for a job. I've made no secrets about wanting to be back here in Tennessee and I've yet to receive a call from anybody."

After the Titans decided they would play both Eugene Amano and Leroy Harris at guard and center in a combination to be determined, coach Jeff Fisher indicated there would be a spot for Mawae as a backup if he wanted it.

But it does not appear a concrete offer was ever made and as an unrestricted free agent,Mawae continues to wait out the market.

Mawae said he's staying in shape, working out and planning for his camp for offensive linemen.

He thought there might have been a chance with Denver, but said he watched the Broncos take two centers and a guard in the draft.

"I look on the rosters and I know there are teams that are hurt and struggling on the offensive line and yet I still haven't got a call," he said. "Part of me wants to say, yeah, I think my position with the union is a problem for a lot of management people. But at the end of the day I would hope they'd be able to overlook that for making the team better . . .

"It's a position that I chose and one that I accepted and I knew going into it that this could be the case. If that is, then so be it. Because ultimately my goal is to help the other players in the NFL make the right decision to do what's best for them, and if I lose my job because of that, then it is what it is and I can move forward knowing that I can do my best."

Paul Kuharsky covers the AFC South for ESPN.com.