Allen trims mullet for wedding

Jared Allen's trademark mullet is no more ... at least for now.

The Minnesota Vikings' star defensive end, known as much for his hairstyle as well as his ability to get to the opposing team's quarterback, lost his mullet as he gets ready for his upcoming wedding.

"The things men do for love," Allen told Vikings.com.

Allen, who often says his mullet is a "lifestyle," has capitalized on the popularity of his hairdo, selling "Mullet Militia" T-shirts and including a "mullet generator" on his iPhone app, where users can try out the "lifestyle" for themselves.

In a 2009 interview, Allen explained his love and respect for his mullet.

"The mullet isn't just a hairdo. It's definitely a lifestyle. You're carrying on a legacy," he said "If I approach you from the front, it's like, wow, that dude is pretty serious. Then I walk away and you're like, damn, he likes to party. With two Rs."

However, Allen hinted on this Twitter page Wednesday that "The Mullet" might reappear at some point.

"The mullet was trimmed for the wedding but the Moolay is more than just some hair, its a lifestyle! You gotta keep a positive Mullitude..."