Pressure Point: Spotlight on Kolb

After three seasons as a backup, Kevin Kolb is ready to lead the Eagles. Howard Smith/US Presswire

Now that Donovan McNabb has been shipped to a division rival, the time is now for Kevin Kolb.

With the rash of veteran salary dumps and a wealth of young talent on offense, Philadelphia is in the midst of a rebuilding project. I contend that "rebuilding" for the Eagles is not like rebuilding for most teams. This is an extremely stable organization that does a great job staying competitive year after year by their evaluation of talent on and off the field. Philadelphia now has an extremely solid young nucleus. The Eagles should not fall off the map in the NFC East.

That is, if Kolb plays well in his first year as their starting quarterback.

There isn't a lot of information available when evaluating Kolb, but I like what I have seen. He is bright and a quick decision-maker with all the tools needed to excel in this pass-happy system that stresses accuracy and timing. What we don't know is what is this young signal-caller is like behind the scenes. How does he prepare? How important is football to him? How do his teammates respond to him? How quickly does he grasp concepts off tape? How well can he translate what he learns to the field?

I am not going to pretend to know the answers to these questions from the little I have seen of Kolb on tape, but I do trust the Eagles organization. I think that, because of his accuracy and anticipation, Kolb is more of a pure West Coast quarterback than McNabb. Remember, when the Eagles generated offense last year, it was often the result of big plays. Taking that approach is tough to stay on course with or to count on series after series.

There is no doubt that Kolb is now squarely in the spotlight, but I am a believer that Philadelphia made the correct decision with the trading of McNabb, especially when evaluating the big picture of the organization.

While this move might not pay immediate dividends considering the status of this roster, Kolb has a chance to be very good.

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