Report: Brett Favre denies lewd photos

Brett Favre admitted to the NFL this week that he did leave voicemails for Jenn Sterger, but denied sending the former sideline hostess any lewd photographs when he was a member of the New York Jets, Fox Sports reported Sunday.

The NFL is investigating the allegations against Favre and is attempting to speak with Sterger, who hasn't decided yet whether she will talk to the league.

Phil Reese, a spokesman for Sterger, told The Associated Press on Friday that Sterger is "strongly considering" speaking with NFL officials conducting the probe.

"We have an ongoing dialogue with the NFL," Reese said. "What we've been talking about is having Jenn come in. Like I have said, she is strongly considering it. Ultimately this decision is hers and hers alone."

Reese told ESPN's Kelly Naqi that Sterger's group has hired a team of former FBI investigators to assist them. Reese did not say why the investigators were hired or what role they were playing.

Asked if Favre admitted leaving the voicemails for Sterger, but denied sending any photos, Reese added:

"We're currently in the fact-gathering stage; all I'm doing is dealing with facts. Unfortunately the person in the pictures didn't also hold up their driver's license, so I'm not going to speculate as far as identity. But I'm working with people to diligently get all the facts."

Sterger, now a TV personality for the Versus network, has not commented on the allegations, which were posted on the website Deadspin. The site said Sterger would not agree to an interview and it paid a third party for the texts, voicemails and graphic photos, said to be of Favre, that it posted in a video.

"Send me a text. Love to see you tonight," one voicemail said.

Now the Minnesota Vikings' quarterback, Favre was interviewed by NFL vice president for security Milt Ahlerich on Tuesday about his alleged advances toward Sterger in 2008, when Favre played for the Jets. Neither he nor the NFL has provided details of that meeting.

"That's a league issue," Favre said this week as Minnesota prepared to play Green Bay, "that I just have to leave at that."

Reese also has said that Sterger has had no discussions with Favre's representatives about a possible financial settlement stemming from the allegations.

Favre's wife, Deanna, wouldn't go into details when asked about the allegations at a television appearance Thursday.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Friday the review is ongoing.

"At this point we have not reached any conclusions," Aiello said. "We will continue to pursue opportunities to speak with individuals that potentially have information."

Reese said Saturday that Favre tried to contact Sterger again last June. Reese declined comment when asked if there were multiple calls, but said Sterger did not answer the phone.

The New York Post first reported the June 2009 call, citing an unidentified source.

Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.