Brett Favre won't return for 2011

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre said this would be his last season at a news conference in August.

"I can promise you this: Not that I have ever set out as a goal to play 20 years, it's 20 years and I'm done. This is the last year of my contract," he said when the season began.

But, perhaps because Favre has made a habit of changing his mind, the NFL Network asked the question again Thursday.

Will Favre return to play in 2011?

"No," said Favre, in an interview that will air in its entirety on Sunday on the NFL Network.

Favre passed for a career-best 446 yards in the Vikings' comeback victory against the Arizona Cardinals last week. But the team is 3-5 headed into an NFC North game at Chicago Sunday.

After leading the Vikings to the NFC title game last season, Favre had hoped to help the Vikings to the Super Bowl. Now, he is focused on getting his team back in playoff contention.

"That's my goal," said Favre, when asked by the NFL Network if the postseason was a possibility. "But I am thinking we have to win this game and that gives us hope for the next one.

"Small step right now."