Report: ESPN, NFL nearing new deal

ESPN and the NFL are closing in on a new deal that would extend the network's rights to "Monday Night Football" beyond 2020 and pay the league nearly $2 billion per season, according to Sports Business Daily.

ESPN, responding to the story, said in a statement: "We continue to have conversations with the NFL and have not yet reached a new agreement."

The NFL, in a statement, said: "We have had discussions with the ESPN, but we do not have an agreement on an extension of the contract beyond its current expiration after the 2013 season."

ESPN and the NFL have a deal through 2013. The new deal, when signed, would be for nine or 10 additional seasons at $1.8 billion or $1.9 billion per year, Sports Business Daily reported.

The deal would include "Monday Night Football," but not a Super Bowl, the Daily reported, adding that it could include a wild-card playoff game. Previously, the NFL has resisted putting playoff games on cable television.