Lockout threatens workout bonuses

A common thought in the football world is that players will not lose money in a lockout until the regular-season games start. But offseason workout bonuses easily could be flushed away.

ESPN obtained a copy of some of the biggest workout bonuses that players have, and whom this lockout will hit in the wallet sooner rather than later. Jets offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson has the biggest offseason workout bonus -- $750,000 if he participates in 85 percent of the workouts.

Quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning and Jay Cutler each have $500,000 offseason workout bonuses. Rodgers must participate in 85 percent of the workouts, and Manning and Cutler 90 percent each.

If the lockout ends, the offseason schedule gets pushed back and a team has only five workouts, a player who needed more than 85 percent attendance would have to attend all of the workouts, because missing just one workout would put him at 80 percent attendance. If there is no offseason, the players would lose their workout bonuses entirely.

Whatever the numbers are, the bonuses are jeopardized the longer the lockout lasts.

Top Workout Bonuses

Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL Insider.