Roger Goodell calls Colts blogger

When Roger Goodell learned that Nate Dunlevy found a recent conference call with Indianapolis Colts season-ticket holders a "waste," the NFL commissioner tracked Dunlevy down in Argentina for a one-on-one phone chat.

Dunlevy, who writes a Colts blog called 18to88, wrote of the conversation at his site on Monday.

"I found Mr. Goodell to be patient, straightforward and direct," Dunlevy wrote in a recap of the conversation. "He directly challenged some of my assertions with fact claims that I simply could not verify in the moment. He presented himself in a calm, caring, and concerned way. While I need time to research some of the fact claims that he made, I appreciate the fact that he made fact claims and was in no way evasive. We spoke for roughly 10 minutes."

Goodell has been holding conference calls with season-ticket fan bases around the league during the NFL lockout.

Dunlevy, the author of the book "Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts," tweeted of his disappointment after the call with Indianapolis fans and was then central in a post on ESPN.com's AFC South Blog about the conference call.

He wrote that he heard Friday from Brian McCarthy, the league's vice president of corporate communications, who got his information. Then Goodell called Dunlevy, who lives and works in Argentina, on Monday.

Dunlevy asked questions about the league's TV deals and court losses and wanted to know if the commissioner had any regrets about the way the NFL has handled things during the labor impasse.

"He said that one always runs back over such negotiations searching for what could have been done differently, but that he did not believe there was anything that could have been changed," Dunlevy wrote. "He then expressed frustration at the fact that the discussions were taking place in a courtroom rather than in mediated settlement talks."

Paul Kuharsky covers the AFC South for ESPN.com.