Albert Haynesworth case dismissed

FAIRFAX, Va. -- A northern Virginia judge has dismissed a road-rage assault charge against Washington Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth after the player reached an agreement with the alleged victim.

Under Virginia law, a judge can dismiss misdemeanor assaults under a provision called "accord and satisfaction," in which a victim says he has been made whole, usually by a financial payment.

Police say the man accused Haynesworth of punching him in a traffic altercation in Reston. The man told investigators he made a gesture at Haynesworth for tailgating him. They stopped their two vehicles and Haynesworth allegedly got out of his pickup truck and punched the other driver.

At a hearing Tuesday in Fairfax, the case was settled. The details of the agreement haven't been made public.

Both Haynesworth and the alleged victim declined to comment.

Haynesworth's attorney, Steven Merril, told The Washington Post: "He's sorry about the whole incident." Merril told the Post that the alleged victim, Arthur J. Velasquez, had his nose bloodied in the incident.

Merril told reporters: "Haynesworth's mistake was getting out of the car. Most judges don't like that, and find the person who gets out of the car bears more responsibility. From that point on, the stories diverge."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.