Rookie Watch: Haden proving worth

Rookie cornerback Devin McCourty gets more recognition than Joe Haden -- and I do have the New England Patriots' McCourty ranked slightly above the Browns' first-round pick.

But if their teams were switched and Haden was on more of a national stage, he would be that someone everyone is talking about. Haden, the seventh overall pick, has been terrific and has come on like gangbusters the past several weeks. Haden is a tough guy who isn't afraid to throw his body around as a tackler or in run support on the edge. He is not an elite athlete for the position, but the former University of Florida star is not far away.

He has very good speed and is explosive in his movements, including an excellent vertical leap. Haden has good hips for man-to-man coverage but is probably at his best driving on the ball in zone. It won't be long before Haden is an upper-echelon cover man in any style defense that Cleveland chooses to employ. The Browns are not the flashiest team in the league, but watch this up-and-comer in their secondary.

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