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Monday, May 12
Updated: July 8, 11:10 AM ET's Offseason Overview

Over the next eight weeks,'s Offseason Overviews will take a look at what each team in the NFL has been up to since last season ended. We'll have all the key moves, draft picks and unfinished business for each team, as well as analysis from John Clayton and Len Pasquarelli.

AFC West
May 12: Kansas City Chiefs
May 13: San Diego Chargers
May 14: Denver Broncos
May 15: Oakland Raiders, Clayton: Teams face tough task in AFC West

NFC West
May 19: Arizona Cardinals
May 20: Seattle Seahawks
May 21: St. Louis Rams
May 22: San Francisco 49ers, Pasquarelli: Upgrading D a priority in NFC West

AFC East
May 26: Buffalo Bills
May 27: Miami Dolphins
May 28: New England Patriots
May 29: New York Jets, Clayton: AFC East teams build up defenses

NFC East
June 2: Dallas Cowboys
June 3: Washington Redskins
June 4: New York Giants
June 5: Philadelphia Eagles, Pasquarelli: Divisional foes scrambling on defensive line

AFC North
June 9: Cincinnati Bengals
June 10: Baltimore Ravens
June 11: Cleveland Browns
June 12: Pittsburgh Steelers, Clayton: AFC North begins with Steelers

NFC North
June 16: Detroit Lions
June 17: Chicago Bears
June 18: Minnesota Vikings
June 19: Green Bay Packers, Pasquarelli: NFC North teams seek LB help

AFC South
June 23: Houston Texans
June 24: Jacksonville Jaguars
June 25: Indianapolis Colts
June 26: Tennessee Titans, Clayton: Salary cap hinders Colts, Titans

NFC South
June 30: Carolina Panthers
July 1: New Orleans Saints, Pasquarelli: Saints upgrade offensive line
July 2: Atlanta Falcons
July 3: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pasquarelli: Bucs face tough division

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